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Richmond Art Center, Blossoms and Thorns
Image of Oishi Family and Photograph by Ken Osborn

left: Oishi family, 1940 Courtesy of the Oishi family; right: A Rose Cape for Greenhouse Number 2, Ken Osborn

Blossoms & Thorns

The Legacy of Richmond’s Historic Japanese American Nurseries

Featuring Richmond-based photographers Ellen Gailing, Matthew Matsuoka, Fletcher Oakes and Ken Osborn.

Curated by Emily Anderson and Donna Graves.

September 14 – November 13, 2010
Richmond Art Center
2540 Barrett Avenue, Richmond, CA

September 25
Invitational: 1-3 pm
General: 3 - 5 pm

For more information, please contact:
Emily Anderson
Exhibition Manager, 510-620-1252

Michele Seville
Arts & Culture Manager, 510-620-6952

What are all those glass-covered buildings next to I-80 in Richmond?

A new exhibit answers this question by documenting the Japanese flower nurseries that began in the early 1900’s and continued for over 100 years. The beauty of roses still thriving years after the nurseries that planted them closed, is the intriguing subject of four local photographers: Ellen Gailing, Matthew Matsuoka, Fletcher Oakes, and Ken Osborn.

Their work inspired the exhibit, which will also include photographs and artifacts curated by historian Donna Graves that chronicle the history of Richmond’s Japanese American floral industry families, including their forced internment during World War II. Partners include members of the Japanese American community, historian Donna Graves, El Cerrito Historical Society, Richmond Art Center, the City of Richmond, and the National Park Service.

A variety of public presentations will take place during the course of the exhibition including films, lectures, and bus tours.

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